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Not Long Ago...

Dale sponsored or owned 3 or 4 modifieds in 1997 and 1998. T.J. Haferkorn was driving Dale's black mod at Beaver Dam on Saturday Nites, and Dale had the yellow car at Slinger on Sundays. Everybody went to Beaver Dam, had fun and partied, but on Sundays Dale had to make the trip to Slinger alone. So he brought home some dirt tires and ran the yellow Lefthander on some Saturdays instead. The 1998 season brought 4 heat wins and 2 feature wins in 10 nights of racing. Not bad.
1998, at Beaver Dam
1997, with daughter In-law Lanae in victory lane
1997, with daughter In-law Lanae in victory lane
1997, another Feature win at Slinger. This is Lefthander Chassis #300. That is from around spring of 1991. It went through a couple of owners before Dale bought it at the Green Bay auction in December 1995. Dale drove it during the 1997 and 1998 seasons at both Slinger AND Beaver Dam. Then it was sold to Dale Prunty in the fall of 1998. Prunty went on to 3 consecutive Track Championships with it. The car, as of the end of the 2005 season, is basically the same car as seen here chassis wise. Of course, every single part has been gone through 110% many times; but it goes to show that a winning car is one to keep.
1997, with T.J. Haferkorn behind the wheel. T.J. really was a great dirt track driver. It suited his driving style very well. Dale Weyer owned this car and at the end of the season, he sold it to Dennis Prunty, who drove it to Slingers 1998 rookie title and then to the 1999 Track Championship. Then, he sold it to Gregg Pawelski, who ran the car there for three years before retiring it. In 8 years this car amassed more than 15 feature wins, 25 fast times, 25 dash wins, and a track championship.
1995, a Miller Nationals Feature win for DMW!
1996, this was Ron's first sportsman
1996 Team photo for DMW
2001, car just completed, and ready for a run in the mod division at Slinger
In 2000, Ron was the modified divisions highest finishing rookie in the points at slinger....but not rookie of the year.....

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Behling Circle Track sponsored, 2000 Feature Winner at Slinger

In 2002, the Port-A-John Oldsmobile Cutlass, driven by Ron Weyer competes at the Mid America Motorplex in Council Bluffs, Iowa

The 2003 Port-A-John Oldsmobile Cutlass driven by Ron Weyer