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Let's Go WAYback!


Long before the term "tire stagger'" or "diagonal" all we did was use 15" tires on the right and 14" on the left. That was the big speed secret. Dale can remember this night in 1971. He started front row outside. The guy on the pole was boasting that he had an Ether bottle hooked to a cable control. The green flag dropped, the guy on the pole pulled on his ether cable, and went straight to the rear; Dale went on to win his first race. Gib's Bar in Slinger was the main sponsor and had to pay up with a six pack for every race won.
1972, can you guess the name of the flagman?
Dale had 5 Feature wins in 1976, including this one

This (above) is one of Dale's favorite pictures. Long before the days of fiberglass Thunderbirds, Dale drove a factory steel bodied 1960 Thunderbird, powered by a real For 406 engine. This class of cars allowed headers, aluminum intakes and racing slicks. The end of the season race was called the "Miles Melius Classic". That afternoon, Dale clinched the Slinger Track Championship by turning fast time and winning the feature. Pictured with Dale in the car is Bob Wiessman. Bob had originally built the car and had raced it at Columbus and Madison.

The Slinger Speedway Banquet was held together with the "ProStar"Hales Corners Banquet. When Wayne Erickson came out with these trophies, the ProStar guys were envious. Back then a 12" trophy was all that most guys took home.